Kindle Replacement Screen

Comforting words for a Kindle user.

Kindle Replacement Screen Kindle Replacement Screen Kindle Replacement Screen

Kindle Replacement Screen



Your Kindle goes with you everywhere you go: stuffed into a backpack, book bag, briefcase, purse, overnight case, anywhere it can fit. It is inevitable that with such constant usage, the screen might get damaged. Amazon will replace your Kindle when it is damaged if under warranty. But it it's not, an economical solution is to install a Kindle replacement screen yourself.
Replacing the screen is easy and the cost is less than purchasing a new Kindle. Additionally, repairing your reader combats the “throw away” society.
How To Purchase A New Screen
1. Have your model number and Amazon account information handy.
2. Go to Kindle support at and select“My Kindle is Broken.”
3. Type in your phone number and you will get a phone call almost instantly.
4. Tell the support person what your problem is.
5. Support will arrange to ship you a new screen.
Several customers report online that Amazon sen them a replacement screen free of charge, even when their Kindles are out of warranty. And they say their new screen arrived in 2 or 3 days. You can order  from other sources like E-Bay and electronics stores, but  Amazon customers seem to be the happiest.
How To Install A New Screen
1.  Gather your Kindle, your new screen, and your tools:
      - a set of electronics screwdrivers, both flat and Phillips head.
      - a soft plastic tool called a spudger to pry the back cover off.
      - pencil and paper for sketching, and small dishes for keeping track of different screws.

2. Lay a thin towel across your work surface.

3. Gently pry off the back cover. This requires some force, but go slowly and you won't damage it. If you don't have a spudger, use an electronic flat head screwdriver.

4. Remove the labeled battery by taking out the 2 Phillips head screws on the left top.

5. Four wires and cables must be unplugged, some held in place by a brown colored “lock bar.” Lift the lock bar and gently unplug all the cables and wires. Sketch a diagram at each step.

6. Remove the 2 screws holding the ground down, and the 2 anchoring the silver 3G card. Unclip the 3G card's black cable. Add to sketch.
7. Remove all screws anchoring the logic board (about 12), and gently pry, until it lifts easily off. Sketch locations.

8. Disassemble the midboard from the frame. The black speaker stays attached. Go slowly. This takes some trial and error. The keyboard and the rocker knobs for the on/off switch and volume may fall out. Keep track of all the parts on the sketch.

9. Lift out the old screen and gently lay in the new one. Be VERY careful here - the new screen is very delicate and can be easily broken with slight pressure or torque.

10. Now reassemble, using your sketch. Be EXTREMELY careful when adding back the midboard. This can crack your new screen if done without care.

12. Check and double-check each step of reassembly. Don't over tighten screws. See that all cables  stand clear of the midboard or they will damage it. Hooray! You did it!
There you have it, how to install your own Kindle replacement screen. A little patience, a little courage, and you can have your Kindle up and running fast.